Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Staying in Hyde Park after work can be cool

1) On Monday I stayed a couple hours later than I would normally to go to a screening/discussion with Encyclopedia Pictura that Fire Escape put on. You really need to watch that Wanderlust video twice. Once in 2D to get the colors and then a second time in 3D to see the depth stuff. I watched maybe half a dozen times that day. It was really cool to hear them talk about making thier movies and how they have worked their way up from complete obscurity to relative obscurity and getting paid to make really cool videos. I can't find their Spore Commerical on the internet, but it was awesome as well.

2) On Friday I went to Screenwriting for the first time in a while and we read through epidose 2 of NNN and the beginnings of episode 3. Got some good feedback, altough it's still weird to be in my old apartment now that other people live there.

3) The middle of the week was the usual wonderfulness of dinners with Stephanie interrupted by a Wednesday. Tuesday we had Cinimin Chikin. Thursay: Peanut chicken w/ fried rice.

4) Wednesday night I did a couple loads of laundry. This is the first time since moving here that doing laundry at night made sense. It has been too cold/dark the past few months.

5) I had a productive Saturday - crossed a couple things of my big to-do list. I got a zip car and went to Target, Jewel and Brown Elephant. I bought curtains and a rug for my kitchen, lights and backdrops for animating, a bunch of cheap DVDs, and a whole bunch of other stuff (economy = stimulated). I also finally donated my old TV.

6) Started reading Good Omens. It's hilarious!

7) Finally saw Catch Me if You Can, which had been recommended to me many times, but I'd never gotten around to it. It was good, light and fun, very obviously a Spielberg film.

8) Found this contest. While I don't really care about the camera that much, deadlines are helpful and my Green commercial would work perfectly for this. So I'm going to try to get it finished by next week. Then I'll finally have part of the NNN pilot animated! And if I don't make that deadline, I'll at least have started. I have my animating area set-up.

It's right in the center of my apartment, so I won't be able to ignore it.

9) I got a lego lighting system and used to light up the Rock Monsters.

10)Other lego creations from this week: A garden for the green commercial:

Then I accidentally built a bunch of completely non-NNN-related things. A bunch of "Tan Fantasy" creatures.

And these aren't specifically for the commercial, but maybe they'll get worked in since they are green. A Galidorian Businessman

A Dragonbird?

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