Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NYC Vacation

Numbers don't seem appropriate for this, but I'm too lazy to turn this into sentences/paragraphs. Bullet points away!
  • Gray and rainy landing-- still seemed more appealing than Chicago, if only because there are more trees in Islip. Really good Turkey BLT on a pumpernickel bagel at train stop.
  • Walking around China Town/Soho/Union Square – brought back memories on 9th grade / trips during college.

  • Got an iced green tea and an enormous Oreo cupcake at Crumbs
  • Met up with Karan, hung out, went to dinner – talked a lot about refining our skills/internet distribution/social networking/copyright shit/etc. As he said “it’s really cool how we both thinking the same things, but for two different media.” For him it's music, for me it's animation.
  • Monsters vs. Aliens - it was a lot funnier than I was expecting. Still not Pixar good, but well worth the time.
  • Spent some good time just chilling with Karan, talking, eating more food, watching TV, listening to beats, getting advice on my recording set-up. Even though we never hung out much during college, there's enough history to create a comfortable ease
  • Walking in Brooklyn is like the opening to a Woody Allen movie.
  • Hanging out/catching up with Eric. Recording Phil Brickly and Police show commercial. We had a blast with that. Dinner/drinks and Commando with his roommate and friends.
  • Hanging out with Karan and Scott (and Waylon)
  • Lila! – Wich craft – eggplant something or other. Adventureland with ¾ lb of gummies. ROBOphelia! Her friend Ben, Mexican food delivered “Quick Change” (terrible movie) and Buffy musical episode. Ice cream.
  • Working on NNN stuff. Departing in the same weather I arrived in. The things I left in New York were certainly worth what I got out of it.
Some of these bullet points really deserve elaboration. My apologies to you. I should have taken more pictures.