Sunday, May 3, 2009

April Recap

So here are the blog-worthy things that I remember from April in no particular order and without numbers (gasp!). I'm also going to post this before it's complete and update it over the next few days.

So I should talk about Script Frenzy since that was my excuse for not blogging during April. I did not get into it as gung-ho as I did for NaNoWrimo, because I was travelling a lot and while that gave me a lot of time on trains and planes to work on it, my weekends were more or less shot because I was either in antoher state having a great time or recovering/playing catch up the following weekend. Still I got ~37 pages written. I finished the first draft of NNN episode 3. It is long. I think some scenes will get cut, but it will still probably be longer than episode 1 or 2. That's one of the great thing abouts self-producing for internet distribution, I can make things whatever length I want. I also got a few scenes of episode 4 written. I also started writing parts of an episode that I have planned for season 3 (at the rate I'm currently going, this won't be out for well over a decade) because I got really excited about it when I was talking to Lila.

On April 24th, I got to do something awesome for work. Back in January I was interviewed by a senior at the U of C about my lego collection (she heard about me through our mutual friend karan). She was interviewing me for her anthropology BA which was on Collectors. Turns out she's a double major and for her theater major she made a play about collectors/collecting. Well I thought that was really cool, so I suggested to the News Office that they should write a feature about her for the homepage. And that's how I got paid to videotape someone pretending to be me. Here's the full 40 minute play. The whole thing is worth watching, but the part where she's being me is about 3 minutes in.

I don't remember how now, but I stumbled upon the awesome work of MS Corey earlier this month. Now I'm subscribed to his blog and flickr. Check out his alternate covers for the Harry Potter series and his rendition of Calvin and Hobbes grown up which is my current desktop background.

Finally caved and got a Netflix account. Have been using it mostly to finish watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I stopped in the middle of season 6 almost 2 years ago and it's about time I got through the rest. I have also watched Alice and Velvet Goldmine. And I'm working my way through a lot of the A.V. Club's New Cult Canon.

It's nice outside!

On my birthday Stephanie took me out to dinner at Machu Picchu, a Peruvian restaurant by her house and then to a local production of Hedwig. They were both great. We had calamari and I had this delicious dish with sauteed french fries (among other things). I really can't get over the novelty of french fries in a saute dish. It's a problem. A delicious problem. Hedwig was really good. I recommend it to all the other Chicagoans out there. The musical made more sense than the movie (ending-wise) and was well performed. I mean it's all pretty much Hedwig (no offense Yitzhak), so what I'm saying is that the actor playing Hedwig did a damn fine job. It was a lovely evening.

Kathleen's Wedding was a blast. It was cool to see the Schwartz family, even though I hadn't seen them in ~6 years it didn't take long to slip back into old patterns. Kathleen was obviously a bit busy, so there wasn't a lot of time to catch up, but we had some good laughs. Jonathan and I were able to bond over video production. It was also great to see my family. J-P and I spent a good amount of time watching funny videos in our room. And of course Isaiah is always lots of fun. I introduced "doom" into his vocabulary. It was a great little escape.

I made some good progress on episode 1 of NNN. A lot of hte voices are in place and I've got some rough storyboards/animatics, so I'm pretty much ready to animate. Now it's just a matter to actually forcing myself to sit down and do it.

Lego Owls and Robots

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Lindsay Champion said...

I'm glad you liked Hedwig. Yes, the movie is pretty much confusing. I hope they used some sort of fog machine at the end. The smell of raw smashed tomatoes and that gross steam really makes for an interesting experience.

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