Monday, May 11, 2009

I watch a lot of TV shows

1) I read The Big Over Easy this week. Basically it = Detective story + Nursery Rhymes + Metacommentary on Detective stories. The sort of mash-up that's right up my alley. Unfortunately it wasn't pulled off too well. There were some funny parts and a few really cool images - the pyschopathic straightjacketed gingerbreadman being escorted through the locked down insane asylum and then turning to wink at the protagonist was incredibly creepy for instance. But a lot of the times there were gaps and leaps and while the ending was pretty strong, it dragged it's way there. I think it was trying to hard to be clever sometimes. Still it was enjoyable and kept me entertained to and from work this week.

2) Watched The Triplets of Belleville through the power of Netflix and at teh bidding of the Av Club. It was quite good. There's basically no diologue, so the animation really takes the forefront. It's really high quality stuff. I think my favorite scene might be when the Triplets are reintroduced in the present. The grandmother seems to summon them from the depths of the night. (Starting at 6:40 here.)

3) I really enjoyed the Dollhouse finale. I thought it did a good job of giving some resolution to some of the arcs from this season and opening up new ones. I just really hope it gets a second season so they can explore the ideas and characters more fully. The show's got a lot of potential, but we've only got like 6 good episodes so far. It's not like Firefly where you can almost be okay with the fact that there's so few episodes, becuase they're all really solid.

4) Got to film a little bit of Scav Hunt. check out the list. It has things like Bonsai Yggdrasil, a bowling ball that plays mp3s, a beard of bees, a smellophone etc.

5) Custom lego stovepipe hats

6) The Bricks in Motion directory finally launched. The brickfilming community has been lacking something like this for almost a year now.

7) We made significant headway into season three of the Wire this Saturday. Omar is still my favorite (as if anyone else stood a chance).

8) Watched another disc of Buffy the Vampire slayer, I finally caught up to hte point where I left off, so now I am seeing new (to me) episodes again. James Marsters has been shirtless in a lot of them. That is alright by me. Also I appreciated the whole drugs/magic metaphor for Willow, but then they had her do magic that was just a drug. While I do appreciate a good trippy sequence, I feel like they could have accomplished the same thing with a bit more subtlety than that.

9) Not having to stay egregiously late last monday thanks to Mead and Joe.

10) Went on a tour of Pixel Brothers with Fire Escape and went back later in the week for a (mostly worthless) seminar about viral video. They have some cool technology though. Hopefully we'll be able to work something out with them and make use of their Media Baker (client feedback and project management tool) or Media on Demand (you can set up a website so anyone can order a copy of your DVD and then it gets printed and shipped to them within 48 hours... by robots!) etc.

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