Saturday, June 27, 2009

Brickworld 2009 - Sunday

Sunday was a very short day. I rolled out of bed and set-up my laptop for the public. Moved my luggage down to my car and check-out of my room Spent more time at public hours, same idea as yesterday. Found out I won Dirty Buildster!

Attended “Lego from a Girl’s Perspective” where 13-year old OliviaConahue talked about what she likes and doesn’t like about lego. It was interesting to hear her perspective and I hope the LEGO employees in attendance were taking notes. It seems like they have been taking steps in the right direction anyway, but still, the current small percentage of female minifigs and “realistic” themes is disappointing.

The rest of the public hours flew by and then it was time for the (very short) awards/closing ceremony. We got into to the room and I thought “weren’t we just in here for the opening ceremony?” They took a group picture of all the contest winners, which I got to be in. Because I won two contests Bryan said, "Next year we'll make him build with his eyes closed." I didn’t get a trophy for Dirty Buildster, but they will be mailing one to me. Then it was over and it was time to break down. It wasn’t long before all my stuff was packed up and ready to go.

Then I went across the street with Mark and Steve to get dinner. Did I mention Steve? Mark I met last year, but Steve wasn’t there last year. Two years ago he brought this crazy castle which I remember. He has been active in the AFOL community for quite some time now. He currently works at Legoland CA as a master builder/designer. Mark is going to be flying out there this week (as I’m writing this he’s there, by the time this is posting he will probably be back) to apply for an open position they have (he got it!). After dinner we said our goodbyes and I dropped Steve off at O’Hare and then I drove home.

Now that I’ve actually gotten to the end of Brickworld (in writing about it) I feel like there is still so much I’ve left out. There were several other fans I met and had great conversations with, lots of cool models I saw and just so much that happened that even with this play-by-play I built using the schedule I still feel like there is so much I haven’t told you.

Brickworld may physically be over, but mentally it will still be going on at least for another week or so.

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