Monday, June 8, 2009

Falling behind / speeding forward

1) Despite this being a crazy week of craziness I was able to get some animating done, and now haw the beginnings of the NNN intro sequence.

2) Finished up the College Scholarship Video that has been the source of much of the recent craziness in my work life. It was projected all big and beautiful in Hutch Commons on Saturday in front of a crowd of ~200. There's still other stuff that will be done with this project, but the crazy deadline has passed. Phew!

Also it was very well received. It reportedly made at least one person cry, and I heard it make plenty of people laugh.

3) The logistical nightmare of Alumni Weekend ended up not being so bad. Tiffany had a very quiet Friday in the office and I only walked across campus instead of sprinting like last year. And while i worked a full day Saturday, it was in no way crazy. I paced anxiously whenever I had nothing else to do, but everything turned out fine.

4) The week leading up to the weekend was very full, so full I can't remember it all very well. I slept at strange hours and not enough, but like I said I managed to squeeze in animating almost every weeknight, and had other nice breaks. I think that the nicest thing to come home to after a long day is a package of LEGO sitting at my front door.

5) And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention all the time I got to spend with my friends this week. Dinners as usual with Stephanie and Paul and Tiffany, Seth and Krista. Delicious and delightful.
I met a good friend of Tiffany's from high school. Paul, Stephanie and I finished the wire season 3. Farewell Hampsterdam! Stephanie and I watched the third to last Pushing Daisies episode. It was wonderful. It's such a travesty that this show got canceled. It deserved at least a full second season. Let's hope Dollhouse can stick it out a little longer.

6) I also had Buffy season 7 to retreat into. There have been some good moments, but some episode I have fallen asleep during and not felt like I missed anything (ironically one of them was called "Sleeper".) Still, it's a nice escape that doesn't require much effort.

7) Oh yeah, and then there was the part where I acutally participating in Alumni Weekend events as an Alum. On Friday night there was a young alumni party with an open bar. I went with Paul and Stephanie and then who should show up but Dave Massant and his new/first boyfriend, Michael. Dave was very asexual when I knew him in college, so it was news to me that he was gay. It was great to talk with him about that and Michael is great and they're adorable together, and much wine was consumed so it was a really lovely evening. Stephanie broke a wine glass and I spilled another one (on her, sorry!) and I discovered that Mechandise Mart is creepy after it closes, but still an accessible CTA stop. Also, no ankles were sprained!

8) Saturday after I finished working I went to the ChicaGO party because I was hungry and I knew there would be people there I knew. Shared a table with Dave and Michael and Louis etc. The dessert spread was fantastic (the dinner buffet, less so) they had cheesecake lollipops and tuxedo strawberries and all sorts of tiny tasty treats. I also ran into Agraja and her boyfriend who I knew from my days working in the basement of the student activities center (oh, how I hated the rubber bands!) and who are now working for Google and strating a neuroscience PhD program. Also spent some time with Kelly Finn. Wonderful.

9) Then I met up with JJ and went to the LGBTQ Alumni celebration which was hosted at this very swank penthous apartment in east Hyde Park that has a magnificent view of the city and lake. Talked more with Robert, who I re-met through JJ a couple weeks back and am trying to befriend.

Also, introduced myself to Bill Michel, though he had some peripheral awareness of who I was before, now he knows who I am. Why am I mentioning this? Because I remember when he introduced our Aims of Education address, Orientation Week of my first year, I remember hand delivering the first printed copy of Vita Excolatur. More than the President, or the Provost (who taught the class that made me decide I didn't like physics after all), he has always represented the University administration to me... and he's cool. Why am I explaining this tiny interaction in such detail? Because last time I brought up Bill Michael (friday night, he made an appearance at the young alumni thing), Stephanie gave a blank stare.

Also ran into my former boss from the basement of the student activities center - Diana Doty. She's doing well, is exactly how I remember her, ever though I didn't remember that's how she was until I saw her again. When she interviewed me for that job, I sat in a beanbag chair. She would often come out of her office to go on tiny quirky rants. She was a very fun boss.

Also met this guy, Ryan Reed. He's a graduating senior (English major) who will be in Chicago for the summer. He is also very cute. We ended up talking for quite some time - about work, video games, Greg Cheyne (his former RA and current housemate, my former friend / straight-boy crush from firstyear), writing, and so on. We also may have kissed on the aforementioned balcony with the gorgeous view. We may then have noticed that there were people watching us from the other side of the giant windows that connected one side of the balcony wit hthe apartment. We may not have cared. Anyway, we'll see what comes of this, he's obivously got a lot to deal with right now with the graduating and finding a job and all that, but we exchanged numbers and all that, so a date is likely.

10) Sunday. Went to Little Dead Riding Hood with Dana and Stephanie. Some of the tapping was awesome, and the costumes were all fantastic. The idea of characters breaking free from their stories and eventually killing their creator interests me and while this didn't explore the interesting meta-fitctional ramifications too deeply, it was certainly fun.

Then I went on a wikispiral at this site. It started with a link Robert posted to this page and took me to places as diverse as Draco in Leather Pants, Sorting Algorithm of Evil, Sliding Scale Of Fourth Wall Hardness, Eldritch Abomination, Disney Villain Death, and much much more. Even now as I am putting up these links I am opening new tabs and beginning yet another spiral.

Went to Paul and Stephanie's house for board games with David and Michael. Twas fun.

All in all it's been a wonderful week, despite the crazy. These next couple weeks are also going to be crazy as I frantically try to prepare fro Brickworld and the end of the fiscal year at work, but it should be a different magnitude of crazy.


Adam said...

Scholarship video looked great. I hope things work out with Ryan, sounds promising!

Stephanie said...

Why have you put me in my own spiral oh no must sleep ahhhh.