Friday, July 10, 2009

2 weeks in 1

1) I finished the Mysterious Benedict Society, which Jenny gave to me when we were at the shore. It was a fun adventure, and while all the characters had their moments, far and away the best was Kate. Or should I say The Great Kate Weather Machine as she likes to be called. This girl has done some amazing things. She runs everywhere at full tilt and has a bucket full of tools and gadgets that she always carries around with her. She tied someones shoelaces together with her toes. She has crawled through more drainpipes/ventilation ducts/ceiling panels than I can count. She has fought, swam and lassoed her into my heart. On an unrelated note this book introduced me to a great portmanteau - cactopus.

2) I realized recently that I carry a lot of stress in my hands. I used to have a stress ball in my backpack at all times so I could squeeze it during class or meetings and what not. But it's been a long time since I carried one around with me like that, but I was thinking I should have one at work. In fact I was pretty much craving one last week so I went to the book store to see what they had and found this Smush Bush Stress Doll in the 50% off bin. He's got a good consistency, not too squishy, but not too hard and the shape is interesting at least.

3) Karan was in town last week for a wedding. On Thursday night he crashed at my place. We took hte train up from HP together and then went out for dinner (at a goo Moroccan place just up the street from me) and drinks with some of his friends. We also watched an episode of True Blood together (we'd done this many times over the internet, but never in person before).

4) I finally finished watching through Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And then proceeded to start on the comics. I't been 2 years since I watched through the first 5 seasons, but I'd say that season 2 and 3 are definitely the best followed by 6. 4 and 5 run together for me and season 1 and 7 are clearly the weakest. I'm still deciding if I want to buy all the seasons on DVD, bu with seasons 1-3 available for free on hulu there's not a lot of incentive.

5) Watched a lot of Avatar season 2 (the episodes are really short). In summary, Azula is crazy, Zuko is emo, Toph shows promise and Sokka is funny.

6) Last weekend I drove out to the Indiana Dunes for a going away party for Mark (the guy who got a job at Legoland CA). He and his partner have a house on several acres of beautifully landscaped property. Their backyard leads into a forest, the beach is only a few minutes away, and their house resembled my dream-house (ranch style, basement full of legos - it was just missing a patio and pool).
The party was a lot of fun, there was a campfire:

Later there were fireworks and a midnight trip to the beach. And they had more than a dozen bunkbeds set up in the basement so no one had to drive home on Saturday night. Then there was french toast and sausage and OJ the next morning. Combine that with the never ending baskets of rolled up hand towels in the bathroom and it really felt like a hotel. Certainly the most full-service party I've ever been to. Gives me ideas for a weekend long murder mystery party...

7) Despite spending a good chunk of it outside of the city, it was a productive weekend. I got a flat tire on my bike fixed, bought a few things at the Gap (while my bike was being fixed) and put a 25% off coupon to good use at The Container Store. I was then able to reorganzie my legos such that I finally got the last of them out of my room (not counting hte Star Wars ships under my bed). So now all my sorted pieces are contained in one room. Huzzah!

8) Dave Massant was in town again. He came over for dinner (along with Tiffany, Krista and Seth) on Monday night. We had Sweet Potato wedges and Greek Tacos. We also watched a couple episodes of Avatar. Then on Tuesday night there was a big game night at Paul and Stephanie's. Delicious cheese and San Gria and I was trounced at Seitlers as usual.

9) On Wednesday I had dinner at Indian Buffet down the street ( a different one than the one I've been to with Stephanie) with Claire Gilbert (who has been in Spain for the past year). We talked about making videos and poetry as well as the best and worst of internet communities (e.g. lego conventions and MMORPG addicts). Then we went to my place and hung out for a little bit and she recorded a voice for an upcoming NNN video.

10) On Thursday after work I went to a bar on campus to have drinks with my Communications colleagues. Aside from the obligatory CMIG people I talked with the new News Office Director (Jeremy) and a Graphic Designer from Pubs/Creative Communications/whatever they're calling themselves now (Rich). Afterwards John Eckroth gave Tiffany, Rich, and I a ride back to the Northside. Traffic was heinous, so it wasn't necessarily faster than the CTA would have been, but it was certainly more social. Joh nadn Rich and I ended up having dinner at the Chipotle on my block before I bid them adieu. I went home wathced an episode on Avatar adn then turned in for the night. The thing I haven't metnioned in here is than my allergies have been having their way with me all week. I stayed home from work 1.5 days this week and have been sleeping a lot and still feeling tired. Maybe I'll take a nap right now...

The poll is done, mayonnaise is clearly the worst. Oh yeah, I realized that I stopped my old pratice of sharing links to the interesting articles/videos I watched here. That's because I've moved to doing this primarily through FaceBook. Here are some from the last few weeks.

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Acapella Tribute to John Williams
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Thursday night was Billy Joel/Elton John at Wrigley. CTA would have been just as bad.