Friday, July 3, 2009


My posting habits have been a bit erratic recently but here's some wonderful things that have happened in the last month. Chronology is rough.

1) Beat Okami - Stephanie and I started this game over a year ago. It was long and there were some big gaps in our playing through, but we finally defeated the finally boss. It was a good ride. The ending was satisfying I guess, but it's not one of those games where the ending really matters - because the whole thing was so delightful and the story was convoluted by the end anyway.

2) To mark the end of the school year we had a CMIG BBQ. It went really well, a lot of students showed up, as well as some people from the news office. There was lots of tasty food and we got to hang out in our little yard (one of the coolest things about our office). The weather was threatening rain all day, but it brightened up just in time. A nice way to get hte summer in gear.

3) Dana's farewell party was fun but sad. I gave her a little lego Dana to keep her company in her travels. There was pizza and delicious desserts.

4) Animating the soccer game for Out of Bonds was a lot of fun. I suppose I should give a behind the scenes thing to show you all the cool details and tell you the tricks I used. I am feeling lazy right now, but if enough people ask for it I'll put something together.

5) Hanging out with Robert at Guthrie's tavern. This was not a date, though it may sound like one. Guthrie's is a local bar/tavern that has a cabinet overflowing with board games. I introduced Robert to Carcassonne and then we spent the rest of the evening drinking woodchuck cider (on tap!), eating Pockets (they deliver!) and asking questions from this deck of cards from a board game called psychology or something. A few sets of questions was psych trivia (what animals do young girls dream of vs. young boys? what foods should you eat if you want to dream? what colors do sociopaths like? etc.), another set was about rorscach blots (unfortunately the blots themselves were missing so we couldn't do this part), and then the ones we ended up spending the most time with were personal questions (on a scale of 1 to 10 how much to you believe in God? which player do you think would make a better companion on a long space flight? how cautious are you? etc.) which acted as pretty convenient springboards for 'get to know you' converstaions. It was a lot of fun and seemed like a first date, though, as I've previously stated, was not a date.

6) I enjoyed this article about made-up languages. I may start using the word pona - it's fun to say. Pona!

This is roughly where Brickworld happened. See posts below.

7) Then I spent roughly a week at the beach with my family.

A lot of this time was spent playing in the sand with Isaiah

The way we played horseshoes was we stuck them all in the sand, ran around them in a circle and them "crash!"ed down on them. Repeat.

Isaiah got knocked over by a couple waves early in the week and after that point he would only go in if someone was carrying him. He seemed to enjoy the waves this way.

One day we went to the zoo

There were a lot of these fat birds running around free

There were also flamingos

Isaiah was content to sit in his stroller for about half of the zoo. Then he got out and ran as fast as he could from animal to animal, saying "excuse me, excuse me!" to all the people in his way as he ran past. The second half of the zoo went much faster. We also spent some time at the boardwalk where there was delicious soft-serve ice-cream and a small amusement park.

Where Isaiah went on his first ride.

Isaiah and I build this owl together. I made a general owl base and then he improved on it by giving it green and "chartreuse" hair, an orange shirt, and red socks (as he put it).

It was a great week or sleeping, eating, playing and relaxing. There were lots of things that happened that didn't involve Isaiah, but why would you want to hear about them. :) I'll leave you with my favorite picture from the week.

8) Got back in the swing of things. Had lovely dinners with Paul and Stephanie and Krista, Tiffany and Seth. Continued season 4 of the Wire, saw the last episode of Pushing Daisies :( and watched a disc of Buffy and started the second season of Avatar. Also went to see fireworks w/ Paul and Stephanie on 3rd of July (it's a Chicago thing). On the 4th I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark on the big screen (relatively) with Tiffany and Krista and then we had brunch at Julius Meinl (delightful!) and then we put together a lego drawbridge set while watching Avatar at my house. If it hadn't been raining I might have done something outside.

9) Had a couple fun off-site meetings for work this week. It was also a short, slow week, perfect for readjusting after vacation, though I must admit I was still very much in a vacation mind set this week.

10) I made not one, but two trips to the lego store this week. The first one, I was dissapointed to find that all the sets I wanted to buy were out of stock, so I picked up Propeller Power - one of the sets designed by the designer I met at Brickworld. I put together the plane and then took that apart and put together the helicopter, then I took that apart and built this collection of alternate models.

I'm proudest of the poodle and the spaceship.

I returned to the store on thursday after I discovered that they have an order in-store service that lets you order anything that's available online and get it delivered with free shipping! So I put together an order for all the sets I want (well not all the sets, but many of them), got the loyalty stamps (and a $10 gift card) since I did it through the store, will get this golden minifig (keychain) since it was online, and I didn't have to lug them all home on the red line! Awesome!
I also built this prison.

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