Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Again with the partial posting

1) I've built some cool lego stuff recently, but I haven't really taken pictures. I've been too busy taking sequential pictures of other legos. Rest assured, when there are pictures they will be posted. My creations don't really exist for me until I share them.

2) Angel is getting to the good parts. Doyle is dead (woohoo) and Wesley has joined the team, and actually seems to be doing more than bumble now. Faith just had a two episode stint that was quite good. I was even happy to see Angelus briefly. He's a lot more fun than regular Angel who tends to mope and brood. Although the best thing I've seen David Boreanaz (I can't beilieve I spelled that right on the first try) do in this show so far can be seen here. Oh how I laughed and laughed.

3) On Tuesday Stephanie came over and we ordered Pockets and played Super Mario Galaxy and watched Better Off Ted and Dollhouse (I'm glad both of these shows are getting second seasons). It was awesome. I take these weekly dinners for granted, but we were talking about how terrible it was when we lived in Hyde Park and Ukranian Village and couldn't hang out several nights a week.

4) I finially finish the mix CD/playlist I've been working on for hte past month: Trip Hop Exploration 2. Doesn't mean much to you, but playlists are very important to me. I don't like listening to music on shuffle, the randomness just takes me out of it. I can't constantly be shifting genres and styles with no transitions. This is why when I do use shuffle it is usually by CD, so I at least have periods of consistency. Anyway you can hear a poor approximation of this CD/playlist on youtube. Or if you want I will burn you a CD. Making this one reminded me just how much I love Poe. It's too bad she hasn't released more albums, though she is collecting dreams for something... Also, apparently Eagle-Eye Cherry is his legal name. I thought it was a band name. That is one crazy name.

5) The first week without Renee was not too crazy - we have been approved to move into the new space - Chicago in 60 Seconds is an awesome project.

6) Read The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman via Stephanie. It was awesome. No wonder it's winning so many awards. I just realized, I don't think I own anything written by Neil Gaiman, I think all my Neil Gaiman stuff has just been borrowed from Stephanie. I should really buy something, you know, put my money where my interests are. Allow me to go update my Amazon cart.

Anyway, I don't have a lot to say about the book in terms of review. Neil is very talented in creating rich worlds that take elements from mythology, legend and other forms of communal storytelling and make those elements new, wonderful and unique. The Graveyard book is no exception, there are ghouls, ghosts, and ghasts, a werewolf and mummy and other things that go bump in the night, and while they benefit from the folklore, each of the creatures in the book is completely a Neil creation. The story is about a human boy who grows up in the world of the graveyard and like every good coming of age story he makes mistakes and gets into tight spots and has help from friends at the right moments.

7) While we're talking about Neil and how awesome he is. I should mention I finally finished Sandman Vol. 3 - it was awesome. This volume focused on the Endless and their relationships more than the previous two volumes combined and it was awesome. I have a special place in my heart for Delirium, who is similar to ROBOphelia in several ways and will probably end up influencing how I write her in the future at least subconsciously. But all the Endless are interesting/cool in some way. Wonderful. There was also some rEdiculous nested storytelling in the Tavern at Worlds' End series that made me happy. (Guy 1 tells a story in which Guy 2 tells Guy 1 a story in which Woman tells Guy 2 tells a story) ROBOphelia would approve heartily. (Sorry, after animating her for a couple weeks, I've just got her on the brain)

8) Speaking of comics I also bought "We Can Fix It" which I heard about by way of Kate Beaton, (PONY!) whose History Comics book I got about a month ago. It was decent. I liked the premise (traveling through time to try and fix things in your past [and make-out with your past selves obviously]) and some of the art was good. The cover for instance is fantastic, but I agree with Krista's assessment that over-all it was sloppy, both in term of drawing and storytelling. Still I don't regret buying or reading it.

9) Speaking of buying things to support starving artists I bought this color strong t-shirt that I guy I know designed. Here I am wearing it!

10) I discovered Harvarti cheese. It has been added to the list of cheeses I love. In reverse chronological order they are: Harvarti, Morbier, Brie, Feta, Provolone, Mozzarella. There are some other cheeses I'm okay with, but these are the ones that made me understand why people get excited about cheese.

11 )3 day weekends are awesome.

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fantabulousdana said...

i love love love this photo of you in that tshirt. i thik you should be offering me a choice between the prizes hidden behind door number one and door number two..