Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bust the posts out my blog

1) Robert came over and we ordered Pockets and watched Bubba Ho-Tep & Howard the Duck. Bubba Ho-Tep was great. But what else would you expect from a movie with Bruce Campbell as an elderly Elvis teamed up with an old black man who thinks he's JFK fighting a mummy that is terrorizing their nursing home? Howard the Duck was awful. We were hoping it would be so terrible it was good (like Freejack) but it was just plain awful. The first five minutes were the best.

2) There's a new fad sweeping the lego fan community: Cube Dudes. I made a Sherry Tiles one and will eventually make a Phil (when I regain some free time)

3) I likes this brickfilm- "Alles ist dies noppe"

4) Best part of Episode 3 of Glee was "Bust your windows" (episode 4 of Glee was much better storywise, though no musical numbers of the same caliber)

5) Stephanie and I started playing Little King's Story. It's awesome, very much like pikmin.

6) Changes are finally starting to happen at work. Thought they aren't fun I'm still hoping they will be for the best.

7) Paul and Stephanie had an excellent Wine and Cheese party

8) I bought new shoes!

9) Went to a potluck with Robert. It started out on a roof top, but then migrated inside where there was warmth and cable and cheesecake.

10) I finally spent the money to register a domain name and started putting together a NNN website. It's still very unfinished, I've only begun to carve out the sections I want and listing some content I'd like to put there, but the overall design is more or less set. I'm very happy with the way the banner turned out. You can see what I've got so far here.

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