Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Let's talk about the animation! Oh and some other things too

1) Making the animation. My mom was asking how I matched the movement/action to the sounds and I was telling her about the notebook where I write down how many frames are between each important word/emphasis point. Here's a page that corresponds to a 22 second long shot (starts 51 seconds in).

That was probably the most complicated shot in terms of matching actions to words in this episode, since there are two people on screen and for some parts they are both moving and also because ROBOphelia has so many little exclamations and such. I am really happy with the way it turned out, I like the way she extends off screen at "oh my!" and her nervous laugh /arm twitch immediately following. And her "hmf" coupled with a head turn and a little leg bounce at the end of the shot might be my favorite ROBOphelia movement in the entire episode. (Though extending her magnifying glass while saying IN-TRI-CATE-LY LAID PLANS? gives it a run for its money)
The scenes between ROBOphelia and Persephone had some complicated gesture animation, but they were pretty light on set-up since they all took place in one room. I reused as many set-ups as I could for Malifios's schemes (e.g. the Octopus machine wide shot and the scene where he rages at the plane) but the 7 second scen in which 12 buildings fall down (starts at 2:00), for instance, took over 2 hours to set-up (though less than 10 minutes to actually animate). Here is the base I built during that two hours.

I had all the building on cleverly concealed hinge bricks that made toppling them easy. The octopus machine stuff was pretty straightforward and the hay fire one was somewhere in between (Malifios's feet did not stick to the baseplate very well in that one, also if you watch the torch closely you can see it slowly drifting up in his hand, a consequence of me rotating it around every other shot so the flame would flicker.)

Small details you might not notice otherwise:
The movie theater at 1:55 is playing "The Franky Job" (refer to this old post for the why)
At 0:48 "woman" in Persephone's titlebar is scratched out and replaced with "brick"
After getting kicked by the cow at 4:14, Malifios lands in one of the hay piles in the background

It's been up for less than 12 hours and already has close to 200 views. That's pretty awesome.

2) On Wednesday Tiffany, Krista and Seth came over for dinner. We were later joined by Daniela. In honor of Krista's real birthday Tiffany brought cupcakes from Molly's cupcakes. The one I had was delicious though structurally unsound. I really ought to go to Molly's Cupcakes. I meant to go a long time ago, but still haven't made the trek.

3) I talked to Jenny (her birthday was the week before but we played phone tag for a bit). We talked about our jobs, Isaiah, legos, and ice cream pie among other things.

4) This weekend was the one year anniversary of moving into this apartment. To celebrate the fact that I wasn't moving I had my friends over and made potato flag and butter beer. We played Boom Blox.

5) On Sunday Night I went over to Paul and Stephanie's new place. It's really nice. We started the Wire season 5 and had cinnamon chick peas. Om Nom Nom.

6) Then Stephanie convinced me that rather than go grocery shopping or animating I should go to Yogen Fruz and watch The Dark Knight with her. I am glad I listened to reason instead of doing something foolish like going to Jewel.

7) On Monday Krista had a BBQ. I used it as an excuse to make ice cream pie (talking with Jenny abou it just make me want it). It was awesome. Chocolate and Cookies and Cream (Krista doesn't like mint things)

8) I finished Angel season 1. Here are the episodes I liked the best "Rm w/a Vu" " Bachelor Party" "I will Remember You" "The Prodigal" "Five by Five" & "Santuary" and "To Shansu in L.A." 7/22 isn't bad. Another third of the season was mediocre and the last third was terrible. If you are ever inclined to watch through Angel Season 1 don't feel obligated to watch "I Fall to Pieces" "Sense & Sensitivity" "Expecting" "She" "I've got you under my skin" or "The Ring" Just read summaries and move on with your life. There's probably a whole disk you can skip in there. Most of the time I just had Angel on in the background while I built lego stuff for the animation. It was perfect for that as very few episodes actually commanded my attention.

9)Now that the animation is done, I was able to clean up my apartment. It is neater than it has been in quite a long time. Yay!

10) Other things? I don't remember... let's check facebook. Oh! There we go! Look at all these links! (via @qikipedia, Robert and Stephanie respectively)

Oh hey I just remembered something cool I did at work last week. I went with Tiffany into the construction site for the Mansueto Library (a.k.a. giant glass bubble with robots) Here are some pics I took trying to show how deep it is. Of course, being two dimensional they don't really give a good sense of depth. If only I had a stereo camera!

Look! It's Tiffany's elbow!

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