Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week of Doom

Then we had the Week of Doom at work. Meaning it was a whole bunch of big events happening all at once.

1) Thankfully no current faculty members won Nobel Prizes. Otherwise my week would have been even crazier than it already was.
2) I drove to work almost every day this week. The office rented me a car two days in case a faculty member did win and then I would have had to drive to their house at 6 AM to interview them. Driving frequently made me glad I don't own a car and drive on a regular basis. Parking is obnoxious.
3) I'm excited for Epic Mickey the concept art is really what does it for me.
4) One of the Nobel prizes made me rediscover this awesome protein synthesis video (you might want to skip the first three minutes - just boring ol' science)
5) I think I had dinner at Paul and Stephanies and it was broccoli chicken which I haven't had in ages and is delicious and we watched the Wire. But the week is mostly a blur.
6) Oh yeah, I guess we had the last wednesday night dinner with Tiffany, Seth and Krista at my place. We ate "Ithaca Artichoke Medley," sweet potato wedges and chicken piccata. Delicious.
7) This week's Dollhouse episode was great. Whoops! Accidental personality swap! I watched it while on vacation, but this week has so little going for it I will put it here.
8) I guess nothing went terribly wrong with the Week of Doom. So I guess it was the week of running around a lot, but not really Doom.
9) Sleeping Friday night after getting home from work. I was going to hang out with Robert, but then my 1 hour nap turned into a 5.5 hour slumber. I woke up confused in the middle of the night and began frantic packing.
10) Getting out of Chicago. Look for my recap of vacation coming soon.

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