Sunday, November 15, 2009

The last month

* Update 11/16/2009 * This post is completely finished!
So I know I've been AWOL for a while. I'll blame work for that, though it's not like I couldn't have made time to update the blog, I just chose to use my limited free-time watching TV instead. But I'll try to bring you up to speed on my life.

Oct 10-18
I was on vacation with my family. We went to the NJ shore again (same house as June) even though it was Autumn. There were a couple nice days, though even then we didn't really go into the water. But we had wonderful time playing in the sand with Isaiah and going to the boardwalk and watching Dollhouse and taking naps and reading books (I read Lamb-tis awesome).
I also was able to get a fair bit of animation done. Here's the set-up I managed in my room at the beach house.

We left the beach house early because of an impending storm and ended up spending the end of the week at my parent's house. There I was able to use my dad's legos for backgrounds. I also got to see Veronica (we went to Perkins, surprise surprise) for a few hours. But I know what you're thinking, "Dave' that's great and all, but what we really want are to see more videos of your adorable nephew. That's the only reason we read your blog." Fair enough. Here we are talking at the beach house:

And here we are back at NanaLinda and PapaJack's house playing BabyBaby

Then I returned to Chicago and things were not so relaxed and wonderful. Robert and I broke up (though we hadn't been dating all that long, so it's not a big deal, just a little unfortunate). I had dinner at Handlebar with Krista before she moved out of Chicago for the next few months.

Oct 19-25
This week was full of events. Paul and Stephanie had a board-game party on Tuesday. On Thursday the UChicago LGBT Alumni had our first event. I videotaped it. After the reception I ended up going out to dinner with a gaggle of gay men (we went to Nookies Tree - I had banana nut pancakes). I had a great time quoting Clue and talking about Star Trek, Star Wars, and other nerdy things with a guy named Bert (who is not an alum, but friends with several). You'll hear about him later. On Friday I went to a LUDO concert w/ Stephanie, Ashley and Craig (Ashley's fiance). We had dinner at Pompeii (very good) and were pleasantly surprised by the one opening band we were there for (Ha Ha Tonka). It was a very good night.
That week's Dollhouse episode was also amazing (Belonging). Possibly the best episode yet. It's sad that Dollhouse has been canceled, but I'm glad it at least got two seasons. Hopefully Joss will have enough notice to end the series in a satisfying manner. I also watched the end of Angel Season 2 and the beginning of season 3. Amy Acker showed up and started stealing every scene - I am not complaining.

Oct 26-Nov 1
This is the week I almost quit work. Luckily I have awesome friends who helped talk me through things.= and come up with a plan that was better than quitting. I'm not going to go into the details of how everything played out because none of it was really wonderful, but in the end I decided not to quit, so that's good.
Stephanie and I have been playing Little King's Story and it's really awesome. We hung out Saturday night and watched 30 rock and Community and Arrested Development and ate Yogen Fruz and Ginger Pear Muffins. Are you jealous? You should be. On Sunday we saw Where the Wild Things Are. I thought it was great A+. Stephanie and I make such good choices together.
Saturday evening I went to Tiffany's place and watched The Nightmare before Christmas with her and Seth and had pizza and hot apple cider. I had a nice lazy Sunday and downloaded Lost Winds 2 and played through that. Had dinner with Max sometime this week. On wednesday I didn't go to work and got ot run errands and but a ridiculous winter hat. Described like this, it sounds like a pretty good week. I guess that's the point of this blog to focus on the awesome and forget the obnoxious stuff.

Nov 2-8
At work I finished a couple big projects and things were progressing on the big issues. The weekend was really nice and warm. I went for my first bike ride in a long while. I made a couple cool lego creations - revised the Sun Monster and built a Phil Brickley cube dude to accompany Sherry. Pictures later.
I met Bert to see American Primitive. It was really good (the end was a little hokey and hand-wavey). Then we went for Ethiopian at Demera.
And I enjoyed this article about lego nomenclature.

Nov 9-12
We had a big event (unveiling of the designs for the new arts center) with a webcast this week that I was in charge of and it went off with only one hitch. That's practically hitchless! And also it was a hitch outside of our control. Logan Arts event went well
Had dinner with Max again. There is a plan in place at work for hiring more people and growing over the next couple years. Hopefully this round of restructuring will actually improve the situation in the office instead of making it much much worse. And it was only a 4 day week before my vacation to New York City! Woohoo! So yeah. Now you're more or less caught up. :)