Monday, December 14, 2009

This blog is two years old

1) Bert and Stephanie and I got dinner together at the little Indian Buffet by my house. It was the first time they were meeting and I wanted to make sure they approved of each other, being my boyfriend and my best friend. They hit it off, which wasn’t a surprise, but was still very nice. Also, I love that Indian Buffet.

2) The next day Bert had me over and made me dinner (I helped cut things up). It was a pasta dish with braised collard greens chicken, tomatoes, garlic olive oil, spices etc. preceded by an apple and fennel salad. It was very tasty and I even got a Tupperware full to take for lunch the next day.

3) I commuted down the Red Line with Bert the next morning and was able to nap next to him until Monroe; it was a very nice way to start the day.

4) I finally saw Citizen Kane. It was good. I won’t deny that. Best movie ever? Dubious. I know it was revolutionary when it came out and all that, but there have been nearly 70 years of films since then, plenty of time to make improvements. I’ll use the same analogy I made to Tiffany when talking about it the following day at work: the original Mario 64 was groundbreaking at the time but Super Mario Galaxy is undeniable a better game. Video games are not the same as movies, but I think the point holds.

5) I’m really proud of this green meteor I made.

6) On Friday Bert and I went to Pizza Capri by my house, where I got the rosemary chicken and potato pizza I love so much. SO MUCH!!!

7) Bert let me use his car to drive to work and back on Saturday so I didn’t have to use a Zipcar. He’s so good to me.

8) We went to a party together at his best friend’s house on Saturday night. It was immaculately laid out. I got to meet a bunch of Bert’s friends which was nice and in general I had a good time.

9) Sunday morning we got brunch at The Golden Nugget restaurant by him.

10) I made Paul an awesome Christmas present:
A) Paul loves hippos.
B) I reverse engineered this lego hippo made by another AFOL
C) I built the hippo in Lego Digital Designer

D) Designed a box

E) Ordered the set

This is the first time I’ve tried the Design by Me program. It costs about twice as much as I’d expect that set to cost if it was part of LEGO’s regular product line, but that’s to be expected when you consider it comes in a custom box, with custom building instructions and that the pieces have to picked out specifically. It will also take a couple weeks to get, but I think it will be worth the wait.

I ordered a Pi├▒atapotomus for myself so I can thoroughly inspect the packaging and document the experience for my fellow AFOLs. :)

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Anonymous said...

This Bert guy sounds amazing! You better hold on to him! :)