Monday, December 7, 2009

Weird formatting is from typing this on the train in Word

1) Okay, let’s talk about Bert. I mentioned him briefly a couple posts ago, but things have been going really well and it doesn’t seem right that you (the anonymous Reader) know so little about him. So let’s get right down to it:

The basics – he’s 33, works doing marketing for Hyatt, grew up in a small farming town in southern Indiana (just outside of Louisville, Kentucky), went to Knox College, currently lives up in Andersonville, has one sister and prefers dogs to cats.

Now that we’ve got the census data out of the way, let me tell about who he is. Being from the borderlands of the South, he has a slight but noticeable accent and is an absolute gentleman. He holds open doors for me and has even pulled out my chair for me when we go to a restaurant. It flusters me every time, but it’s very sweet. He is a little sassy, by which I mean he’s chatty and opinionated and teasing, but he’s not mean or catty like those stereotypes you see on TV (and in real life). He’s really a sweetheart. When we’re a lone together the sass is negligible. :)

He’s a little bit of a nerd, though he’s in the nerd closet to some extent. I think he just hasn’t been around enough nerds. Me, I haven’t been around non-nerds much in the past 6 years, so I’m not used to someone being reluctant to admit they love Star Trek. He also has been very coy about his interest in video games and photography. So I’m doing what I can to coax him out in to the open. Things are going well. This is easily the best romantic relationship I’ve been in (though it doesn’t have much competition).

He also has a good sense of humor and is always making me smile. :)

2) We went on a date on Wednesday to Chilam Balam, a tapas style Mexican restaurant near my place. Everything we had was good, but pricey considering the quantities. Then we got a drink at SideTrack, and then we kissed a little. :)

3) On Friday we went to Antica Pizza in Andersonville and then went to his place and watched Star Trek: First Contact. What an awesome movie. I stayed over and the next morning we went to the Ann Sather’s up there (OMG Cinnamon Rolls). Have I been to all the Ann Sather’s locations now? Anyway, it was a very nice time and definitely helped me forget about work for a while.

4) On Tuesday I went to Stehpanie’s and we had delicious chicken gyros from that place on Cornelia & Broadway. We watched last week's television on Hulu and the new Doctor Who special. Creepy water monsters are creepy and megalomania doesn’t really work out for the Doctor.

5) On Thursday Stephanie came over to my place and we played more of the awesome King Game and ordered in from Pockets.

6) On Sunday Night Paul and Stephanie had a big potluck Thanksgiving Dinner. I say potluck, but they made all of the essentials – extremely juicy turkey (you don’t even know how goods it was [unless you were there] – best turkey ever) stuffing (of the stuffed and unstuffed varieties, Smashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls, etc. Jake brought sweet potatoes and there were lots and lots of desserts. I focused on the sweet potato pie, but there was a lot of deliciousness happening. I’m sure I’m missing some food, but the point is there was a lot of it and it was all wonderful. (I had a lot of good eating this week.)

7) I animated! Not sure exactly what parts I did, but it was stuff for On The Street.

8) Season 3 of Angel is legitimately good. They’ve got enough regular cast members now that they can really do the weaving overlapping stories that Joss Whedon shows do so well. It’s no surprise this floundered for so long. I’m glad it found it’s footing though. Now I actually pay attention to it as it plays instead of just having it as background noise while I build lego stuff.

9) The weather was pretty warm this weekend, I did a bunch of laundry and went for a bike ride.

10) You’ll notice I didn’t talk about work this week. It wasn’t a pleasant week by any means. Josh was fired, which was a long time coming, but not really fun. At least is was a short week. Oh I also had fun editing this Logan Ceremony highlights video


Adam said...

Glad to hear about the new romance. Bert sounds really nice. I will be home on the 21st of December, by the way. When are you coming back again?

David M Pickett said...

I'm only home for a few days, I'll be getting in on the evening on the 23rd. Looking forward to seeing you!