Monday, December 7, 2009

It's official

1) I released the new NNN video. The first couple days after I put a new video out are always exciting because I get an e-mail every time someone adds a comment on youTube, or responds to the post I put on EuroBricks, Bricks in Motion, MOCpages, FaceBook, etc. Mmm… feedback.

2) We had an all staff meeting with awesome Pizza Capri pizza (Vendure and rosemary potato and chicken) and homemade frozen-yogurt. Delicious!

3) Deadlines are slipping on the client side, so I don’t feel so bad about being so far behind (for the moment at least).

4) Not having to stay late Friday or come-in Saturday. Go student workers! Man, remember a couple years ago, when not working ridiculous hours was something I put as a wonderful thing on a regular basis? I’m so glad we’re beyond that.

5) We had out second LGBT Alumni event on Wednesday. It was at In Fine Spirits, which is only a couple blocks from Bert’s place. I took him as my date. It was very nice having someone to escape to/with and who would hold my drink so I could eat the appetizers. JJ was there, so he and Bert got to meet too. Yay!

6) On Friday night Bert took me as his date to a Christmas dessert party one of his co-workers was throwing. I got to meet some of his work friends and the desserts were excellent. Also, the people throwing the party had a very cute dog and three-year-old son who I got to play with. None of the other adults seemed interested in bouncing a ball with the kid; I don’t know what their problem is. The kid said to me, “Are you Steve?” I informed him that I was not, but in fact I was Dave. He seemed disappointed. Steve must be awesome.

7) Saturday morning we had a nice lazy morning lying in bed. I had to get up to deal with work stuff over my cell phone (but at least I didn’t have to go to Hyde Park). We also had some good talks where we agreed that we were officially boyfriends. Yay! Then we got breakfast at Clarke’s. Lovely.

8) Stephanie came over that afternoon and we watched through the 2 new episodes of Dollhouse and played through a bunch of the awesome king game. Season 2 of Dollhouse is so awesome, all the stuff with Summer Glau was awesome and Topher + Victopher was almost beyond words. The main plot with the Senator was pretty exciting and used Echo and Ballard in appropriate and not too obnoxious ways.

9) In fact it was a weekend of television. I also caught up on Glee, 30 rock, and Community. And I watched some Angel for good measure.

10) I finally got around to taking pictures of my recent lego creations and posting them in the appropriate places, allow me to share:

I also got caught up in an impromptu building session, which led to a set for the next NNN video. Productivity can be so much fun.

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