Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This was the week to be blogged apparently

1) Let's talk about all the ridiculous blog coverage Helios has received. First it was blogged by The Living Brick, a blog that focuses on more organic creations and things that fall outside the typical theme divisions. Then it got picked up by The Brothers Brick, the most read LEGO blog in existence (I think) which meant hundreds more views on the flickr page. Then, it was criticized (along with several other recent posts on TBB) by Twee Affect, a LEGO blog that doesn’t pull any punches. I guess it’s possible that it showed up in even more places, but this was the only arc that passed through the section of the Blogosphere I monitor regularly. I thought it was interesting.

2) As I said in the title, this was the week to be blogged. In addition to the 3 separate blogs that mentioned Helios, NNN got 3 separate posts on Brickspace. This is the first blog coverage I’ve seen of NNN, so it’s very exciting. Glad to see it getting attention that I didn't generate myself.

3) While I’m talking about NNN and it's slowly expanding audience I should mention that "On the Street with Steve Deepsea" has garnered enough attention to be eligible for the YouTube partner revenue sharing program. I submitted the application, if approved, there will be ads displayed on the video and I will get a percentage of the revenue. We'll see how that all goes. I doubt it will amount to much, but it's a start. Maybe some day far in the future NNN will even be profitable...

4) Before we get to that stage though, I continue to pour money into it. I recently ran some test ads on YouTube and Facebook. YouTube ads were far more cost effective. I never paid more than a few cents per click. Facebook ads averaged around a quarter per click, however I was able to target those ads to very specific demographics. For instance my last ad campaign was only displayed to people on Facebook who work for the LEGO Group (a very important market in my opinion).

5) Stephanie and I defeated two more kings in the king game. We are well on our way to world domination.

6) On Tuesday I had bert over for dinner. I made peppercorn chicken and asparagus. He seemed to like it. :)

7) Since I worked Saturday, I got to take Wednesday off. Bert was kind enough to lend me his car so I could finish christmas shopping. I went to Gaymart and got him tiny rainbow disco ball ornaments and a batmobile (tumbler) ornament, then I went to target and got Isaiah an R2D2 play-doh playset and got some clothes and such for myself and then I swung by Trader Joe's and loaded up on delicious things. So it was a very full day of running errands.

8) We moved our office this week. (I'll post pictures after the new year) so most of this week was spent packing and unpacking. There were unexpected difficulties, but mostly it was a pretty painless move. I still had Bert's car on Thursday and Friday so it was very easy to get to the new space.

9) On Friday Bert and I went to see Avatar in 3D. It wasn't great, but the theater experience was pretty great. It's called ShowPlace Icon and it just opened that night. We got VIP tickets, which means we got access to a special lounge and had reserved seats on a separate tier of the theater. The seats were really comfy and had gigantic armrests. All the staff was very helpful, I recommend it, just find a better movie than Avatar to see there.
Then we went back to his place and I helped him decorate his Christmas tree. I should have taken a picture. Oh that reminds me, people have been asking for a picture of Bert here. I stole this one from facebook:

Isn't he a cutie?

10) On Saturday we had brunch at Tweet. Twas tasty. Then he helped me make the chocolate dipped almond-butter cookies with sprinkles that my family makes every Christmas. We took them over to Paul and Stephanie's for the Holiday cookie party they were hosting. We went over to have dinner with them Craig and Ashley and one of Ashley's friends. Bert got to meet some of my friends and vice versa so that was exciting and all the food and cookies and wines were delicious. OM NOM NOM.

11) Also! Presents! Bert got me fancy wine glasses (by which I mean actuall wine glasses instead of the plastic ones I got from Target 4 years ago), a bottle of Gewurztraminer, and a year's subscription to Time Out Chicago (so I can know about things happening in the city and thus plan good dates). Stephanie got me Super Mario Chess, mostly because the figures are awesome and she wants me to make animations with them where Bowser always wins (as well he should).

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Adam said...

I'm glad you didn't like Avatar. I think Avatar looks like crap. It's just the same plot with "Dances with Wolves" plus the same old cliches. Why does everyone keep saying this movie is great?

By the way, Merry Christmas. Give me a call at the ol' home number. My cell phone doesn't work in the States.