Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dad's Retirement Party & Isaiah's 3rd Birthday

Saturday afternoon I flew into Philly. I went to see Phil Dahl for a couple hours. The streets were all snowmeggdoned so it was interesting getting to his place from the train station. We played Smash Brothers and Boggle and caught up briefly and then I went downtown to meet JP and Mom and Dad for dinner at Dmitri's (excellent as always). Since they are all big Lost fans they started telling me about the crazy stuff that was going on and then that night I watched this 8 minute recap of the first 5 seasons and read some wikipedia to fill in the gaps between when I stopped watching (early season 2). And then I watched the first 3 episodes of the new season. It's pretty crazy. Yay for alternate dimensions.

On Sunday we celebrated Isaiah's birthday. There was cake and presents and lots of good stuff like that. I read him my favorite childhood book: "Henry and the Terrible Whatzit" We played lots of Babybabybaby and other fun games. After Isaiah went to sleep the rest of us played Rock Band. Veronica came over and helped us out by lending us her excellent singing voice. After everyone else went to bed Veronica and I stayed up chatting for several hours.

On Monday afternoon we went to Dad's retirement party. Jenny and JP and I sat and drank wine and chatted during the beginning. Then we listened to Dad's work friends tell stories about him. It was nice to see a new side of him. The food was also good. That night I did some animating and voice recording for the next NNN episode.

Then Tuesday afternoon I was back on a plane to Chicago. It was a short vacation, but it was a nice break.

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Richmond Hill said...

Double celebration, huh! When people age and retire, you may notice something about them that is very rare. But that's all normal. As they age, they feel more positive about themselves and about life. The reason is that they get to relax more and they get to have that kind of peace that they've never experience when they are still young..