Monday, February 1, 2010

I am persistantly two weeks behind

1) I got to spend a good part of hte week at work putting together furniture. That is all I have to say about work this week.

2) On Monday I went to Stephanie's place and made her the ridiculous brie thing and sweet potato wedges because she had foot surgery and couldn't make the trek to my place. We played Continuity game and watched Rachel getting Married. It was like watching a trainwreck... in a good way.

3) On Tuesday I went to Paul and Stephanie's and they made a new delicious chicken thing and we watched the next episode of John Adams. France! Crazy fever dream!

4) On Wednesday I went to Bert's and he made chicken piccata, roasted potatoes and I helped make a spinach thing (didn't turn out grat though) We watched Serenity.

5) On Thursday Bert and I canceled our plans for the night because I wasn't feeling great. I left work early and took a big nap and then Bert came and comforted me and we went to Leona's and played Lego Star Wars. He's so good to me.

6) Lego Star Wars is awesome. Of course I played through it back when it first came out, but playing though it again with Bert has been tons of fun.

7) On Friday night Bert and I hosted a game night at his apartment. Paul and Stephanie and Jeremy and Andy came over and we had pizza and played Cranium. Bert and I won! I will always remember him doing "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."

8) On Saturday Bert and I drove out to the suburbs and had dinner with Erika and Gregor (and their daughter Kat. I made chocolate banana bread cookies. Erika made tasty chicken cordon bleu. It was a nice evening.

9) Read the new Buffy comics

10) After that busy week it was nice to have a relaxing Sunday where I did laundry, watched Hulu and Angel, did dishes and got groceries.

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