Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm always late

1) I got MLK day off as a University Holiday, which happened the past two years as well, but I had forgotten and it was a nice surprise 3 day weekend. Bert did not get the day off, but I went downtown and met him at his office to go out to lunch. Hyatt Headquarters is very swanky, they've got bamboo in the ground floor lobby, and a very grandiose wood adorned reception area. I should have taken photos. Bert showed me off to his favorite co-workers and then we headed to Roti for lunch. It's kind of like a mediterranean Chipotle. It was tasty, I got babaganoush (and some other things, but I like saying babaganoush). Afterward I went to Blick's and picked up some paper to use as a backdrop for the next animation. And then to Trader Joes for supplies for dinner with Stephanie that night and essentials.

2) On Tuesday night Bert met me down in Hyde Park after work and we went to Chant for dinner, which is one of the fancier restaurants in Hyde Park
(to those of you who never heard of it, it opened in late 2007). Then we went to see the premiere of A Girl Named Clyde. The script was one I had read through and given feedback for back when I did Screenwriter's Circle. I wasn't involved at all in the production so for me it was like the script magically transformed into a movie. This is the first feature length film I've had that experience with. It was interesting to see what parts were dropped/added/ kept/etc. It was pretty good for being a student film. I liked it more than Crime Fiction and it was more polished that Die Zombies Die. But because I reviewed the initial script, I also felt more critical of what I saw as the narrative shortcomings.

3) Thursday night had dinner with Paul and Stephanie. Watched the 2nd episode of John Adams (with has the gayest Constitutional delegate ever - Edward Rutledge) Stephanie and I finished the latest Dr. Who special. So long Tennent and Davies! Hello Smith and Moffat! I did appreciate the scene in the space bar with Jack.

4) I engineered two live ISDN interviews this week. One with with Paul Sereno and one with Janet Rowley. It was exciting to listen to a radio program in real time and know that I was contributing to it in my own small way.

5) Friday afternoon I left work a little early, went home to get my stuff together and then headed off to Indianapolis (or the suburbs at least) to spend the weekend with Karan. Driving to Indy was kind of exciting, (as exciting as driving a flat barren expanse for 3 hours can be) since I haven't driven that far since Stephanie and I took a roadtrip summer before 2nd year. And it's always nice to escape my life for a couple days.

6) It was good to hang out with Karan for a couple days. I hadn't really hung out with him since I visited him in New York last April. And while we were chatting on the internet pretty much daily throughout the summer, our communication was much more sporadic during the fall. He always has great stories to share and we talked more about his music, my animations and other creative stuff.

7) We spent the better part of Saturday composing this new NNN theme song. I had made a short version (heard in the first 10 seconds of Out of Bonds) last year, but that was about the limit of my abilities. Karan has a lot more experience mixing, so I was able to lie on his bed looking up News theme songs on youtube while he worked and giving my feedback and letting him transform my ideas into reality. It was a great collaboration and very easy, much better than paying someone I barely know to do it (which was my original plan).

8) We watched The Invention of Lying on Friday Night, Humpday on Saturday Night, and I got to play through the beginning of Batman: Arkham Asylum. The Invention of Lying started out strong, but then it devolved into a romantic comedy, which I had no interest in watching play out. Humpday was great, one of the best movies I've seen in a while, the dialogue and performances were top-notch. as usual, I agree with the AV Club's assessment of the movies. Batman: Arkham Asylum was really good, although I am not very good at being stealthy, which is one of the major components of the game. It was fun and had very high production values though. Makes me wish I had an XBox 360 or PS3. Not enough to buy one though.

9) We had lunch and dinner with his parents on Saturday. (Subway for lunch and home-cooked Indian food for dinner mmmm.....) They asked me what I thought of C.B. West and The University of Chicago, because they wanted a different perspective than Karan's. I also got to hear some funny stories about Karan and his brother getting into trouble. It's always interesting to see how people interact with their parents. Karan and his parents seem to have a very playful relationship, they were teasing one another the way only family can tease.

10) On Sunday night when I got back I had dinner with Bert and his friend Jeremy at a pretty good Mexican Place up Broadway (El Mariachi). It was tasty and I had leftovers for lunch the next day. We talked about TV shows and Chicago Gay Men's Book Club, which Jeremy founded, Bert is an original member of, and I am soon to join. And then Bert came over and snuggled for a little bit before heading back to his place. Not a bad way to prepare for the new work week.

Bonus: Elizabeth gilbert's TED talk

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Lindsay Champion said...

Yay Elizabeth Gilbert's talk made the cut. Sounds like you had a great week! That reminds me I wanted to see The Invention of Lying...

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