Sunday, February 7, 2010

So I'll be quick about this

1) Monday - Made skillet lasagna for Stephanie and Bert. Before Bert came over Stephanie and I watched the last episode of dollhouse and played more of the king game.

2) Tuesday - Had dinner with paul and stephanie they made pasta thing and we watched the next episode of John Adams where he and his wife traipsed about France & England. (The King is so creepy!)

3) Wednesday - Made dinner for Bert - salmon, rice salad, and sweet potato wedges. Then we watched Shadow of the Vampire (Willem Defoe is creepy) and played more Lego Star Wars.

4) Thursday - Had dinner with Bert at Star of Siam.

5) Friday- had a double date with Tiffany and Seth and Bert. Dinner at Andalous and then we played Settlers of Catan at my place.

6) Did some animating this weekend. Yay!

7) Saturday - Had dinner with Bert at the Melting pot. Mmmm Fondue....

8) Today we had breakfast at Ann Sathers (even though Bert isn't a big fan)

9) Spent the day at Bert's place. We watched Sex in the City and I animated and we went to Target and then got Chinese food for dinner. Yay for a nice day with my boyfriend.

10) We had a new producer start at CMIG this week. Looking forward to seeing how he rounds out the team.


Erika said...

How did you two like Star of Siam?

Lindsay Champion said...

You and your friends do so much fun stuff with food! I'm going to take it as inspiration and make something really fun this week.

lindsay ||

David M Pickett said...

Star of Siam was great as usual. Bert got the Cashew Chicken and I got the Mild Curry Chicken (has potatoes and peas) we also got pot Stickers and Green Tea Ice Cream. I love Start of Siam.

The reason it seems like my friends I do a lot of stuff with fun is probably partly because I love food so much and so it is often the best part of my day. But yes, you should make something fun!