Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Some of you are seeing this on Google Buzz

1) Monday morning I had my first dentist appointment in several years (thanks to Bert's prodding). It was in a convenient location downtown. While I sat in the chair having my teeth cleaned I had a nice view of the northern skyline. I have some big holes in my upper wisdom teeth so Ill have to get those removed and my gums are inflamed so I've been given a special mouthwash and orders to floss more. After a couple weeks my gums should be deflamed and not bleed when I floss. Yay dental hygiene!

2) Monday night - Paul ad Stephanie's house, egglemon soup and chicken fried rice! John Adams is vice president and gets frustrated. Hamilton and Jefferson argue. George Washington remains classy.

3) Tuesday - I made curried chicken and Stephanie and I watched some Arrested Development and played more of Little King's Story. We found the last UFO and the last WonderSpots yay!

4) On wednesday Bert and Stephanie and Paul and I went to Irazu for dinner with Morgan. I don't care that we had to wait like 45 minutes for a table. It was worth it. I went to Irazu once 2nd year back before I understood how Chicago connected, I've been trying to find my way back ever since. Mmm... Costa Rican. It ws great to see Morgan; she had lots of great stories as usual. And Bert put on his excited face and drove us to and fro even though he was very tired. He's so good to me.

5) I unexpectedly had good experiences on the phone this week. I usually dread making or receiving phone calls at work. I prefer to do everything through e-mail, but there are some things that just go faster/easier over phone.

6) Watched more Sex and the City with Bert.

7) On Friday we had an open house at our new office. We had lots of wine and treats and a cake shaped like the back of our awesome new business cards:

We also had a valentine's "photobooth" bet up in one office. It was a big hit. Let me show you the CMIG team: me, Tiffany, Renee (w/ her mom), and Eric (new Tech Producer). Here's Ben, even though he doesn't work for us anymore, and my favorite pictures taken. It was fun to show off our new space (I gave numerous tours, I even walked backwards for Aaron Rester) and see a lot of our clients in person.

8) That evening Bert and I went to Fiorentino's for an early Valentine's Day dinner. Tiffany had given me a gift card for Christmas and recommended it very highly. It was a very cute place, we sat "outside" and had delicious delicious bruschetta followed by some other stuff. I wasn't super please by my entree, but I think I just made a bad choice. Although the potatoes that came with it were delicious. I devoured them. Here's the Valentine's present I got Bert. He got me chocolates and a wrote me a cute note.

9) He was also a wonderful boyfriend and gave me a ride to the airport the next morning. We used the extra time to play Lego Star Wars :)

10) Then I went home for four days. That really deserves it's own entry. Look for that soon.

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