Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Things

1) Two weeks ago I was sick most of the week. Luckily I have a sweet boyfriend who brought me soup and Sex in the City. Isn’t Bert the best?

2)As I mentioned in my last post, I had not one, but two different interviews about my animations go up that week. And on top of that, the Nightly News at Nine won “Best Series” in the Bricks in Motion 2009 Awards. It’s been nice to get so much positive feedback about my work. It keeps me motivated.

3) The little time I did spend at work that week I was either noshing on a delicious breakfast buffet (part of a half-day retreat) or having amazing luck with finding parking spaces on campus. Praise be Aquanetta (the goddess of parking spots and hair-dos according to Bert)!

4) The weather is not super warm, but it’s been nice enough to walk outside and feel the wind on your face and not feel like you are going to die. It’s wonderful. Although Fall will always be my favorite, Spring has its merits.

5) After much prodding from me, Bert started a blog. He may already have abandoned it, but I’m glad he at least gave it an effort. He has been very restless since becoming unemployed and it’s nice to see him being productive and trying new things. He has also been looking into government programs that will pay for him to take classes. And he had a phone interview with Jim Beam. All very exciting.

6) We had a nice weekend. On Friday night we went to Coalfire for dinner (excellent thin crust) and saw The Cabinet at Redmoon Theater. It was not your typical play, as the characters were all puppets. They used mostly 3D puppets, with a couple interludes that used projection and transparency paper puppets to great effect, and two pop-up books. The puppeteers were also an integral part of the show, They open and closed different doors, hung upside down, shimmied through tiny openings, and of course, their hands were everywhere.
The story is about a sonambulist who is at a mental institute and is used by the director to commit horrendous murders while sleepwalking. The whole show had a very Burtonesque feel, very macabre and morbid. The puppeteers were all dressed as creepy asylum doctors. Very cool.

7) Saturday morning we had a nice brunch at Orange.

Bert got the French toast kabob and I got the tropical Pancake Flight. The tropical pancake flight had four stacks silver dollar pancakes with the following toppings (listed in order of deliciousness from most to least)
A: Coconut and Pineapple (the whipped cream was coconut infused too)
B: Mango and Papaya
C: Strawberry Kiwi
D: Banana and Passionfurit. (I’m not sure why this was so bad, maybe passionfruit isn’t actually as tasty as I think it is.)
And of course, a place called Orange has amazing fresh squeezed orange juice. Mmmm….

8) Saturday night we went over to Jeremy’s place and played Trivial Pursuit and Fluxx with him and Andy. Also there was a lot of wine and by the end of the night we were singing karaoke and then Bert and I weaved our way home.
Aside from that it was a calm weekend. We watched 30 Rock and stayed in my apartment and I animated while he watched Defiance and it was nice and domestic.

9) I’m a couple episodes into season 2 of Twin Peaks now, and really I’m enjoying the ride. There have been a couple dull moments, but mostly it’s been quirky and mysterious (even though I’m spoiled for the murderer) and delightful. Picking up after the cliffhanger of season 1 with this excruciatingly slow scene with the senile room service guy was incredible and I think a perfect example of what I love about this show. It is capable of building suspense and mystery, but is always conscious of that and playing with the viewers’ expectations (but not in the Whedonesque trope-subverting style that can induce whiplash when taken too far). I think my new favorite character is Albert, the aggressively cynical, yet fastidiously non-violent FBI agent.
Speaking of Whedon, I also just got the Buffy Chosen collection. It makes me so happy to know I can pop in a disc whenever I want. I am going to continue my efforts to get Bert hooked on the show, despite the fact that it’s clearly too campy for him. “Hush” was a bust, but I’m going to try and get him hooked on Faith, so I can at least get him to watch season 3. Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Stephanie and I watched Moon. It was delightful. I would watch it again right now, and that’s a rare thing for me. A+

10) I just finished two animations. The first is a deleted scene for New Beginnings. Of course when I say deleted scene. I mean I scripted it and recorded it with Stephanie, knowing full well that it wouldn’t fit into the main narrative. It’s not like I had animated this and then decided not to include it at the last second when I was editing. I try not to waste any frames. I’m really pleased with Robert’s frantic run after Sherry and the suave way in which she switches between hair and helmet and back again.

The other animation I finished is the claymation Tiffany and Krista and I conceived for the Aniboom Sesame Street Competition. The three of us came up with the concept over several meetings conducted by conference calls and group gChats (we briefly thought about using Google Wave and then laughed heartily). Tiffany and I did the animation over 2 Sundays and one Thursday night (with an addition Sunday for test animations). Krista made us some great storyboards to follow and recorded the voices with her younger sister Candace and her friends. Seth helped up out animating one Sunday. Aside from the Fire Escape Intro projects, this is the most collaborative animation project I’ve ever done. I’m very proud of how it turned out. It’s definitely the most adorable thing I’ve ever made.

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