Saturday, April 3, 2010

LA is ridiculous

So it's been almost a month since Bert and I went to LA, but I'm still going to tell you about it because it was wonderful.

This was my first real grown-up vacation where I wasn't crashing with friends or my parents or attending a Lego convention. So just getting on a plane with my boyfriend and staying in a swanky hotel was very exciting for me. We went when it was still cold and miserable in Chicago, so the 60 degree weather seemed incredible. I wore short and sandals more than I would have otherwise, but it was wonderful to be able to go outside without several layers of clothing. Here's the view from our room.

The first day we didn't do a whole lot, checked in to the hotel (after I did some bad navigating), walked to the nearby CitiBank so Bert could get cash (his card stopped working), walked along Santa Monica Blvd, got some fries, took a nap, and then for dinner we went to El Compadre, a nice little Mexican place with flaming margaritas that was just a little ways down the street from the hotel. Of course since this was LA when we were walking around we saw a nail salon that was completely mobbed by paparazzi, at dinner Bert recognized a B-list celebrity at the table next to us and when we returned to our hotel that evening the lobby was converted into a swanky pre-Oscar party. Weird.

Friday we were more adventurous. We drove to the Watts Towers or "the Hub of the Universe" which ended up being a bust because the tour guide abandoned us. While we were waiting we fooled around with my camera a little bit. In fact you can see the tour guide leaving in the background of one of the videos.

Even without the tour we were able to get some nice pictures through the fence.

Then we went to Venice Beach to see all the artists and other characters. We were implored by several nice people to go be evaluated for medical marijuana at one of the two competing "Kush Doctors" on the boardwalk. We politely declined. Bert witnessed a drug bust (that was also being filmed) when he went to the bathroom and we got slices of pizza that were more expensive than advertised. We also stuck our feet in the ocean and I gave a dollar to this guy for making this awesome sand dragon.

Then we went back to the hotel and took a wonderful nap, then we had dinner at Yamashiro. It was very cool. A converted Japanese shrine in the hills overlooking the city, the ambiance was top-notch and the food was excellent too. We started with an amazing albacore ceviche, then I had chicken teriyaki and some kind of tasty dessert that I can't recall. Guess that's why I should do these sooner than a month after.

Saturday it was rainy but we had an indoor day planned anyway. We started off with brunch at bld. OMG it was incredible. I got a frittata and Bert got ricotta blueberry pancakes. If I ever go to LA again that place is on the top of my list. So tasty. The guys at the table next to us were discussing a script one of them is working on, but he was afraid to go into details "because you never know who might be listening." Don't worry dude, even though you are talking loud, we have no interest in stealing your ideas. LA is ridiculous.
Then we went to LACMA. The contemporary art museum had some koontz stuff, which I appreciated for its bright colors if nothing else. And it also had these massive steel sculptures that you walked through/around like a meditative labyrinth - quite awesome. I don't remember a whole lot else that we saw, aside from the architecture of Japanese art pavillion which Bert described "like being inside 60's Disneyland." We also went to the La Brea tar pits since they were right there.
That evening we met up with Dana and her date Justin. We had dinner at the Velvet Margarita Club, went to a small art show at a video game school and then went to see Quick and Funny Musicals by the Upright Citizens Brigade. Ghost Slut was probably my favorite. In addition to the cast sporting several celebrities, we spotted Paul Dooley in the audience. It was a very nice evening.

We spent most of Sunday traveling. We did have a nice outdoor breakfast at a diner down the street before heading to the circus that was LAX. All in all a good vacation.

Here's a video from Isaiah's brithday party I found when I was fishing out the other videos for this post.

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