Monday, July 5, 2010

500th post

Hello Dear Readers!

This is my 500th post on this blog. Have you read them all? Remember the early days when this was a “daily” blog and every entry was packed full of minutia and descriptions of my meals? Then last year I went down to weekly and this year I can’t even keep up with that. That’s life for you (or me at least).

Stephanie and I have been blazing through Super Mario Galaxy 2. It’s really fantastic, lots of different power-ups (I love Cloud Mario) and gravity puzzles. Yoshi is quite fun, but only shows up once every few levels. Bowser is gigantic and the Toad Brigade is ineffectual – all is as it should be. Stephanie is weirded out by the bread people.

We’ve also been moving through Season 5 of Doctor Who with Paul at a decent clip. We just finished Amy’s choice, which was awesome. Vampires of Venice was not as great, but it did have some ridiculous costumes.

Stephanie introduced me to this hilarious blog where they pretend to be the people who live in the ridiculous rooms from catalogs.

Stephanie and I had a great recording session for all of Sherry Tiles’s lines for Chapter 2, so I’m almost ready to get animating the next installment of NNN!

I hung out with JJ for the first time in a few months, he came over and we watched TransAmerica until the disc stopped working. Then we watched Fargo and got a couple drinks at Sidetrack. It was a nice evening.

Bert got a part-time temporary job! It’s doing marketing work for a hotel company, so it’s exactly in his field. It’s only 4 hours a day for 4 weeks, but there’s a possibility they may offer him a regular position after that is over. We’ll have to see. If nothing else, he’s keeping busy and earning some money. Yay!

We spent most of the long holiday weekend together. On Saturday we went up and checked out the Baha'i Temple, which was pretty. Then we got some really good BBQ at a place in Evanston and saw Winter’s Bone. Winter’s Bone was really good, but not really a feel good film.

On Sunday we got brunch at Tweet. Then we spent the afternoon inside in the A/C and purchased tickets for two trips in September and spent some time looking at apartment listings. We had a simple dinner courtesy of Bert’s freezer (salmon, green beans and garlic naan) and watched Sex in the City. On Monday we did a little shopping at Banana Republic and the Container Store and had lunch at a Thai place by Bert. All in all a very nice weekend.

Then I had three days of work (though I had class for two of them) and then I had a four day weekend! I took Friday and Monday off because mom and dad were in town. On Friday I cleaned my apartment (my landlady is starting to show it), got my very first manicure/pedicure. Bert and I had leftovers at my place and watched Dexter (we finished season 1 this weekend).

On Saturday we drove down to Hyde Park and attempted to retrieve my wounded bike, that didn’t work out, but we ended up bringing back my (newly fixed) laptop. We went to Staples and got some bubblewrap envelopes so I could ship out some NNN DVDs and the first purchases from our new Bricklink store. Then we went over to West Lakeview by the Addison and Paulina Brown Line stops to search for an apartment for me. After walking around for a couple hours we had lunch at Frasca ??and decided we should move in together. We’d talked about it before, but as we both started to look for separate places and weren’t thrilled by the options we realized we’d both be much happier if we moved in together. Also, we ate pizza. Back at my place Bert watched The Lightning Thief while I addressed packages. That evening he went to book club while I stayed home and cleaned/packed up some LEGO/ recorded Robert Vylan’s voices for the Chapter 2/built some robots.

Then on Sunday my parents came in to town. Bert let me use his car to pick them up from the airport. I drove them to their hotel and we got lunch at the food court in Northbridge (the Jaffa Bakery turkey sandwich I got was awesome). Then dad took a nap while mom and I walked to Water Tower to get a new battery for her watch. When we got back to their hotel room I took a nap. Then I drove them up to my place and we met Bert at Leona’s for dinner. This was the first time they got to meet and it went off very nicely. We all were stuffed and happy and then we hung out at my place for a bit before I drove mom and dad back to their hotel.

On Monday I made a trip to the post office to mail a big stack of packages. Then I met mom and dad at the hotel and we had lunch at the Billy Goat Tavern. After that we took an architectural boat tour that went down the river and out on the lakefront. I’d never done the combined tour before and I’ve got to say it was really great. The river portion was packed with interesting facts and the lakefront part had some amazing views of the skyline and it was very calming to be out on the water. Bert met us for an early dinner at Flatwater grill. We picked Flatwater because after the boat tour mom decided she wanted to eat “somewhere outside next to the water”. It was very nice, perfect weather for it. We laughed and ate and had a great time. Mom has some great photos from the boat tour and from dinner. Once I get them from her I’ll definitely post them here. On Tuesday they left Chicago by train for a 12 tour of the mountain time zone, including Yellowstone, Grand Tetons and Glacier national parks. We're all very jealous.

Of course, the most wonderful thing was seeing Bert and my parents laughing and having a good time together.

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Jenny Pickett said...

Yeah for the last thing you mentioned =) We are going to try and make it to Doylestown when they two of you are visiting.