Friday, October 8, 2010

Our new place, the move, etc.

So much has happened since my last full post! Because I know what you want, I’m just going to jump right ahead and tell y’all about our wonderful new place. Let’s start with the photo tour, shall we?

Here is our building from the outside. There are three other units in the building above us. The porch needs a paint job, and the house could stand to be power-washed, but otherwise it’s in good condition. Our building was built around 1900.

When you walk through our front door you enter a little vestibule where we have shoes and coats. Then you turn right into our magnificent living room.

We’re planning to get a new sofa and chair sometime in the near future, but for the meantime we’re using Bert’s set. We have a gigantic window with some beautiful stained glass at the top.

Curtains for this and other windows are forthcoming.

In this shot you can see how our living room flows right into the dining room which flows into the kitchen.

Flowing into the dining room, you can see how tall our ceilings are (10 feet) in this shot. We’re going to repaint over the green (I tried to convince Bert we could work with it, but I eventually gave in).

On the other side of the room is Bert’s desk and the entrance to my LEGO studio. Also in this room are the all-important central air and heat controls.

Yay! LEGO studio! Now all my LEGO is in one room and I have lots of space. I already put up the shelving from my last living room and added another level to it (thanks to Stephanie for suggesting that). Next I will added some smaller shelves to fill out the rest of the back wall. It’s great having a room devoted to LEGO where I can leave works in progress in progress and not worry about cluttering up the living room.

Bert donated his old desk to me for an animating table, so I can leave my lights set up and not have to worry about cluttering up the kitchen. Now that it’s set up I’m able to put in more regular animating hours (I’m aiming for a half-hour a day).

Check out our gigantic kitchen!

We got an island from IKEA which really helps give us space to work and store stuff. We’ve also got a dishwasher. Yay for modern conveniences!

Our bedroom doesn’t have a lot going on.

And here’s our nice little bathroom.

Here’s a view of the back yard. On the other side of that fence is our parking spot! In the basement of the building there is a free washer and dryer that we share with only one other unit. Pretty awesome! So that could easily be a post on it’s own, but not to worry, the content just keeps on coming.

So now that I’ve talked about the awesome part of the move, let’s talk about the other side, the weeks of packing and preparing. I started packing my LEGO collection almost as soon as we signed the lease. I dismantled my shelves and pulled out all the drywall anchors and spackled over the holes. It was my first time spackling and I definitely learned a lot from it. I learned that I used really big drywall anchors that left nickel-sized holes to fill-in, which makes spackling hard. It took about three passes of spackling before the holes were completely filled in and smoothed out. The worst part by far is the sanding. So much sanding! Still, I was proud that I pulled it off successfully. When I went to put up the shelves again in my new LEGO studio, it was a much quicker process than last year.
The last few days before the move were a packing bonanza. Also, I was selling things on Craigslist for the first time. I successfully sold my TV stand, kitchen tables and chairs and my big comfy sofa. The rest of the stuff that I wasn’t planning to keep but couldn’t sell, I just put up for free and had a parade of people coming to get. It was gone in less than a day.
Once I had pretty much packed everything up and gotten rid of the furniture I did two things. First, I pushed all the boxes containing LEGO into one area so I could photograph it. (You can also see where I spackled)

Needless to say this pile dwarfed my other piles of stuff. The other thing I did was clean. I didn’t do a very deep cleaning, because there was a cleaning lady coming by after I moved out, but I did discover Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser which really is magical. It got rid of stains and marks that I thought were permanent (some that had been there since I moved in, others I had created) it was incredible. I went through 4 of them.
The day of the move was amazing. This was the first time I hired movers and it was worth every penny. They showed up at my old apartment at 8 am and had finished unloading at the new place by 10. Incredible! Then I took a nap. That afternoon I unpacked the kitchen and went to Trader Joes for groceries so I could have a simple dinner waiting for Bert when he got home for the first time.

That evening I set up the internet and continued unpacking. I had the next day off to unpack and let the DirecTV guys in etc. I’m really glad I did, because I was able to get through most of my unpacking before having to go back to work so it was already starting to feel like home (even if I was sleeping on an air mattress).
Bert moved in Friday morning as I was leaving for work. So I had two days of work that week and then Bert and I had the whole Labor Day weekend to unpack and go shopping for furniture, silverware, shower curtains and such. I won’t go into details about all the places we went or what we got or the numerous tiny arguments we had that weekend, but rest assured we went many places, bought many things and fought over a number of inconsequential things (like where the living room chair should go). We’ve still got some things to figure out, but now that we’ve gotten over that initial hump of fitting our stuff together, things are going smoothly.

One thing that got me through the packing process was Veronica Mars. I had never watched it before and only had a peripheral understanding of what it was until I decided (upon Stephanie’s suggestion) to watch the first episode on Netflix. I was immediately hooked. Veronica Mars is often compared to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and it’s easy to see why, both feature a blond high school heroine who is constantly solving her classmates’ problems and clashing with authority figures. But while Buffy uses supernatural elements to act as metaphors for real problems, Veronica Mars is based in a very real and gritty world with no hint of the supernatural. Veronica works part-time for her father, a private investigator in the town of Neptune, and thus has mad detective skills. She and Buffy both kick ass, but while Buffy does that in a very direct fisticuffs way, Veronica relies mostly on information and sneakiness to give the bad guys their comeuppance (though she does know how to work a taser). Okay that’s enough comparison; Veronica Mars is awesome and I highly recommend it.

Also, I StumbledUpon (StumbleUpon’d?) this list of unusual deaths.

That’s enough for this post. I’ve got a few more in the pipeline and then we’ll be caught up to the present.

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Adam said...

You have a backyard?! I'm jealous! You've got to start a garden there! What good is grass?

Anyway, the place looks great. I hope you two are enjoying yourselves there!