Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November and December

So much happened! In the interest of getting it blogged I will keep things short and sweet (and possibly cryptic) .

1) Housewarming Party - got to show our apartment off and fill it with food and laughter. Yay! We forgot to take pictures so use your imagination.

2) Our trip to NYC in November - We took some pictures, here they are without order or context

(Not Pictured: our tiny tiny room, Bert getting sick, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, La Cage Aux Folles, Phantom of the Opera, Brooklyn Flea Market, Lila Pearl, Theo Burtis, David Pagano and many fabulous meals)

3) Thanksgiving - food, family and Pumpkin Chunkin

4) Chicago Gay Mens' Chorus: Christmas Follies - the best songs were "I Don't Want a Lot for Christmas" "Latkes" "Santa Lost a Ho"

5)I finished another animation!

Here's a behind the scenes explanation of it.

6) Chris's birthday party and Holiday party - good times and got to bond with my new friend Colleen.

7) Bert and I got a big flatscreen TV as our Christmas gift to ourselves.

8) Tiffany's birthday - got to meet her mom and youngest sister, delightful brunch at Julius Meinl and then an amazing trip to the MSI

9) Christmas - quality time with Isaiah and the rest of the family, desserts galore, seeing Talya and Adam and Jeremy, great gifts, the blizzard happening not on a day I was traveling.

10) Quick reviews of things I watched recently
Farscape (what I've seen of season 1) - B
I Love you Phillip Morris- B+
Idiots and Angels- C-
The King's Speech- A-
MegaMind- A-

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