Wednesday, August 24, 2011

July and August 2011

While I have long ago abandoned the concept of this blog as weekly or even monthly, here are a few wonderful occurrences from this summer so far. View some photos from this summer here

Mom and Dad
For Christmas last year, one of the things Bert and I got for Mom and Dad was tickets to a game at Wrigley Field, since none of us had ever been to that stadium ( in fact, Bert had never been to any professional baseball game ever). They came out a couple days before the game and we had a great weekend together. We started out by seeing the last Harry Potter movie together and then had a nice dinner outside at Keefer's steakhouse. This was before the heat wave really hit, so sitting outside was the perfect temperature.
The next day was stifling. We had a nice brunch at Frasca and then hung out at the apartment for a while (this was the first time they saw it in person since the redesign). That afternoon we went to the Art Institute to see the scale miniature rooms, which somehow I had never seen before. We took them through some of the famous paintings (giant pointy one being my favorite) and then we saw Chagall's windows. Wow. How had I not seen those before? I could have spent half an hour staring at them ( one panel is currently my iPhone desktop background ) but after about 10 minutes I realized everyone else was ready to go so west off in search of ice cream. The one ice cream place I knew of nearby (Rainbow Cone at State And Lake) turned out to be both farther away than I thought and no longer in business. Luckily there was a tiny food court in it's place so we were able to get milkshakes and such instead. We took a cab back to where we parked rather than walk through the heat. Bert went home since he had work the next day. Back at their hotel room, Mom and I chatted while Dad took a nap. Later we had dinner at PF Chang's and got ice cream at Baskin Robbin's.
On Monday the three of us had an excellent breakfast at Kitcsh'n and then we did some brainstorming for an animation I will be making for them as part of their Kickstarter reward. If all goes according to plan it should be ready in time for next year's Relay for Life. Then I made them cookies and showed them my new animation set up and Mom helped me animate 1 second of animation for the next NNN episode. When Bert got home we got pizza from Frasca for dinner and then headed to the ball game. We got there late and left early (it was really hot out and the Phillies were losing) but we had a good time while we were there. It was a wonderful few days.

Farnsworth House
Bert and I trekked out to Plano, IL to see the world-famous glass house designed by Mies Van Der Rohe. My favorite part of the trip was walking around the wooded grounds, but the story about how the architect and the client fought about her having a closet was pretty funny. It's absurd to me how much money has been poured into maintaining the house over the years. The house is too close to a river and so it has flooded several times. I get that it's an unparalleled achievement in architecture and all that, but if they are really interested in conservation they should move it up the hill so they don't have to keep pouring more money than it originally cost into restoring it every few decades. I'm not the most practical person, but this house doesn't meet even my small needs for practicality. Congratulations Mies, you win the impractical competition.
My pictures from our trip.

We had such a blast with Tiffany and Seth last year that we decided to go the Renaissance Fair once again. This year we went with Jay, John, Mitch, Jeremy and Andy for Rainbow Days. It got rained out on Saturday, but luckily we were all able to try again on Sunday and the weather was perfect. We saw the cool costumes ( the Ent wins) and ate the ridiculous food (mmm... turkey leg).

We saw the funny acrobats and the world championship whip cracker (ooo... fire whip). We watched the joust, but this time we were sitting in the section of the lame good knight instead of the awesome evil knight. Jay did the pirate bungee trampoline bounce.

We saw elephants and fairies and the queen's parade. not a bad day.

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